The Orders of St John Care Trust

The Orders of St John Care Trust (OSJCT) is a leading not-for-profit care provider operating over 150 care homes across the UK. Tracing its origins back 900 years to the original Order of St John hospitaller, OSJCT continues this legacy of compassionate, person-centred care.

OSJCT was established in 1976 to provide care for the elderly. It has grown to become one of the largest charitable care providers in Britain. The trust operates care homes, specialist dementia facilities, retirement living and day centres. Its services aim to enhance dignity, choice and independence in later life.

With over 40 years' experience, OSJCT brings stability, reputation and strong governance to elderly care provision. Its trustees and executives ensure robust strategy and compliance. Homes are rated Good or Outstanding under regulator the Care Quality Commission. The trust reinvests all surpluses into improving care services.

The trust's 6,500 dedicated staff are central to its quality of care. OSJCT invests heavily in recruitment, training and development to build skilled, compassionate teams. Many employees stay for years or decades, enabling genuinely personalised support. OSJCT empowers staff to make each home welcoming and fulfilling.

Life in an OSJCT home focuses on more than just care. Keeping the body, mind and spirit engaged is important for wellbeing. All homes feature activity spaces and a calendar of events from bingo to gardening clubs. Chaplains provide spiritual support while community volunteers also visit.

Mealtimes take on special importance too. Chefs prepare nutritious food daily, catering for preferences and restrictions. Dining rooms create a welcoming ambience for residents to enjoy meals with friends and family. OSJCT's Dining Companions initiative even recruits volunteers to share mealtimes and conversation.

OSJCT acknowledges a care home move brings anxieties. Its first priority is ensuring a warm, reassuring welcome. New residents are introduced to the environment and routines at their own pace. Care plans are tailored collaboratively, respecting personal needs and wishes. The aim is for the home to feel like a genuine community.

The trust embraces innovation to continuously improve care. Recent investments include dementia-friendly design, electronic care planning, medication management systems and monitoring technology. However, this supplements rather than replaces human care.

Dignity and respect sit at the heart of OSJCT's work. Staff support residents compassionately through all life's changes and challenges. They take time to understand individuals’ stories, interests and needs. Even as health conditions progress, rich and fulfilling lives remain achievable.

As a leading nationwide charity, OSJCT provides later life care grounded in decades of experience. Its homes blend this expertise with warmth, compassion and familiarity. The trust's mix of heritage and innovation enables personalised support to live later years well.

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