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Over the years, MMA has guided thousands of registered nurses like you, providing experts and support every step of the way. When you choose MMA, you're joining more than just a recruitment service. You become a part of our global family of registered nurses, collaborating to address the UK registered nurses needs. Your professional growth and success are our priorities.

Once you are approved for our UK registered nurses program, we will help you with everything you need to relocate to the UK, such as your registered nurse visa, screening, UK registration and passing the registration process.

Still unsure? Take a look through our Recruitment Resources below, where you will find answers to help you make an informed decision about working and living abroad as an international nurse.

Your most frequent questions answered

What support does MMA offer to nurses relocating to the UK?

MMA will be supporting you every step of the way with a caring touch. We provide personalised IELTS/OET training and CBT exam preparation to ensure you're ready and confident. Our team is dedicated to guiding you smoothly through the visa and registration process, ensuring you feel supported, informed, and ready for your new journey in the UK. Your success and comfort are our top priority.

How will I be matched with the right healthcare employer in the UK?

MMA ensures you are matched with the right healthcare employer in the UK by understanding your skills, career goals, and personal circumstances. We partner with reputable healthcare facilities across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland and make every effort to accommodate placements near your family or friends to support your personal well-being alongside your professional development. Your satisfaction and success are our top priorities.

What costs do I need to cover in the registration process?

You'll need to pay for your English language exam (£160-£350), the CBT (£83), and the NMC initial assessment fee (£140) while the registration fee (£153). These fees are paid directly to the respective organisations, never through third parties. The costs, which can total approximately £600-£750, are typically spread over 4 to 6 months for ease. It's worth noting that employers often cover the OSCE exam and provide training, and just know MMA does not charge any fees to candidates.

How soon can I be booked for an interview?

The UK is currently experiencing a substantial nursing shortage, making NMC-registered nurses highly sought after. If you have at least 6 months of clinical nursing experience and successfully complete your IELTS/OET, MMA can arrange interviews for you within days. Your interview will be booked as soon as you meet the English language requirements of the NMC.

What will my employer support with?

MMA exclusively partners with employers who offer comprehensive support to our nurses. This includes covering OSCE exam fees and NMC registration fee, providing training, sponsoring visas, arranging flights to the UK, and assisting with relocation, accommodation, and settling-in. We prioritise your well-being and success, ensuring a seamless transition to your nursing career in the UK.

How can I find accommodation in the UK when relocating for work as a nurse?

MMA assist international nurses in finding accommodation before arriving in. It's essential to plan your housing well in advance of your move. Employers will pay the first month rent and also support you with the deposit if required. Note that employers only provide single accommodation.