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Take your place among the world’s top healthcare professionals

MMA Healthcare Recruitment, believes in the power of a connected healthcare community. 

Our global network of healthcare professionals is a thriving, supportive family dedicated to making a difference in the world of healthcare. Join us in this journey towards creating a stronger, united healthcare community.

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Learn from other professionals who have successfully transitioned to their dream role in their dream location.

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Whatever questions you have, the community can offer actionable guidance tailored to your personal journey.


Share your concerns, celebrate your successes, and get support from people who have been through the same things.

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Build your professional network and find potential mentors who share common goals, background and career path.

Our Worldwide Healthcare Community

We're not just a recruitment agency; we're a global community of healthcare professionals.

With communities in some of the largest cities across all continents, we bring together healthcare experts from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Meet our team of highly-qualified nurses. Each one of them pursued their life-long dream of living and working in the UK.

Their journeys are inspiring many professionals in our community to reach for the stars, no matter where they come from.

We're not just a recruitment agency; we're a global community of healthcare professionals.

With communities in some of the largest cities across all continents, we bring together healthcare experts from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Meet Dave, the resilient Filipino nurse who pursued his dream of working in the UK.

His journey is inspiring many professionals in our community to reach for the stars, no matter where they come from.

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Ready To Be A Part Of Our Global Healthcare Community?

Join us on this amazing journey, whether you work in healthcare, support our cause, or are just interested in what we do. Your participation can have a big impact. Connect with healthcare professionals and stay informed about the latest news, events, and discussions.

Join our vibrant Facebook community, where thousands of like minded individuals are already waiting to connect with you.

By joining our Facebook group, you can:

Network with healthcare professionals from around the world.
Access valuable resources and support from our community.
Participate in engaging discussions and share your insights.
Stay informed about upcoming events, webinars, and initiatives.

Affiliate, Advocate, and Ambassador Programs - Collaborate, Support and Make an Impact

Explore our Affiliate and Advocate Programs, designed to empower healthcare professionals to earn while making a meaningful impact. Whether you're referring professionals to fill healthcare vacancies (Affiliate) or providing guidance and support during their registration journey (Advocate), there are opportunities for everyone.

Uniting Healthcare Professionals:

Taking your healthcare career abroad is exciting, but comes with its own set of challenges.

What if you could lend a hand to others like you?

Welcome to the My Nurse Partner Program, a movement where every healthcare professional can make a meaningful difference while also securing a little extra for themselves.

Here, you’re not just supporting peers on their overseas journey but also facilitating a global network of healthcare professionals. Let’s dive into how you can play your part.

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Earn by Referring

Help us connect with healthcare professionals and be rewarded for it!

As an Affiliate, your role is simple yet immensely impactful. Every referral that helps us bridge a vacancy somewhere in the world is a step towards addressing the global healthcare crisis.

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Earn by Supportng

Your relocation can light the path for others. Advocates assist healthcare professionals by easing their registration and relocation process. Advocates Spport them to navigate through the complexities, while earning for every hand you hold. It’s invaluable.

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Earn by Connectng

Imagine being the catalyst that fuses healthcare professionals into a closely-knit community. Ambassadors champion this cause by organising and hosting events that bring together healthcare professionals - in their home country or new location.

Refer and Earn:

Your referrals translate to rewards, making every successful connection worthwhile.

Guide the Way:

Share your insights and help navigate through the bureaucratic and logistic hurdles.

Build Communities:

Form networks and foster a sense of belonging among healthcare professionals all over the world.

Bridge the Gap:

Play an integral role in solving global healthcare staffing challenges.

Get Rewarded:

Your time and support to your peers will not go unnoticed. Earn for your guiding role.

Be Recognised:

Not just in gratitude but also in rewards for being the glue that bonds the community together.


You're Not Just Part of a Program; You're Sparking a Movement!

In an ocean of healthcare professionals, your single drop creates ripples of positive change, offering support and solidarity. This isn’t just about earning; it’s about enriching the global healthcare community, ensuring every professional who navigates the path abroad is welcomed, guided, and supported.

Ready to make waves with us?

What's the MMA Healthcare Community all about?

We're a big, welcoming family of healthcare professionals from all around the world! For 20 years, we've been the place to share, learn, and support each other like good friends. Join us and feel the warmth and support of our community!

How do I become a part of this friendly family?

Simply join our Facebook group! There, you'll meet thousands of nurses and healthcare professionals ready to welcome you with open arms. Whether you're far from home or just starting out, we're here to support you.

Who are these Ambassadors you talk about?

Ambassadors are our shining stars! They are fellow healthcare professionals who volunteer to guide, mentor, and befriend you. They're here to share their journeys, offer advice, and ensure you always feel supported.

Why should I join the MMA Community?

Imagine having friends everywhere you go, especially in new places. That's us! Joining means you've got a group of people ready to guide you, share with you, and cheer for you as you grow in your career and life.

What kind of support and benefits will I get by joining?

Join us and find a worldwide family waiting to welcome you! We host friendly meet-ups in cities all over, perfect for when you're just starting out or new to a city. You'll make new friends, enjoy continuous support and camaraderie, and never feel alone. Whether you need career advice, a friendly chat, or a shoulder to lean on, our community is here to make your professional and personal journey fulfilling.

How can I refer other nurses to MMA and become an Ambassador?

Know some nurses who could benefit from our family? Fill out this form to get started. Share your unique referral link with them. The more you refer, the closer you get to becoming an Ambassador, helping us spread even more care and support!