Southampton. The City & Southampton General Hospital

Southampton is a historic port city on England's southern coast, brimming with charm, culture, and maritime legacy, with Southampton General Hospital serving as the largest acute care facility in the region. For nurses seeking a coastal destination, Southampton has it all to offer.

About Southampton General Hospital

Southampton General Hospital stands tall as the beating heart of healthcare in the city, serving the people of Southampton for over 120 years.

This vast hospital first opened its doors in 1900 as the Southampton Union Infirmary, providing compassionate care and comfort to the community. Through major expansions, name changes, and advances with the times, it has grown into the flagship hospital of the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust.

Today, Southampton General is a large acute care hospital with specialist services in:

  • Neuroscience.
  • Oncology.
  • Pathology.
  • Cardiology.
  • Emergency and critical care.
  • Operating theatres.
  • Acute medicine.
  • Diagnostics.
  • Scientific and clinical research.

Southampton General provides day beds and inpatient wards for hundreds of patients, operating alongside the Princess Anne Hospital and Southampton Children's Hospital to cater for a diverse range of patients.

The CQC rates SGH as Outstanding in its Effective and Caring categories and Good in its Safe category, making it one of the best-ranking hospitals in the region.

This outstanding reputation attracts dedicated, talented nursing staff who are passionate about delivering quality care. You'll collaborate with top medical professionals across many disciplines in a supportive work culture.

Life for Nurses in Southampton

Southampton is a beautiful and exciting coastal city surrounded by water, parks, and gardens. It offers a high quality of life for nurses looking to work at Southampton General Hospital or other local healthcare facilities.

As a nurse at Southampton General Hospital, you care for patients across many different departments. You could work with cancer patients receiving chemotherapy, elderly patients recovering from surgery, or children in the dedicated children's hospital.

You can take on training, for example, in critical care or paediatric nursing, to work in areas of your choosing and advance your career.

Take a day off to explore, and you will love the diversity of shops, bars, restaurants, historical attractions, arts, music, sports, and ample green spaces.

Southampton also attracts a youthful population thanks to the University of Southampton, which collaborates with SGH to train nurses.

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Fun Facts About Southampton

Although the Titanic was constructed in Belfast, its fatal voyage embarked from Southampton on April 10, 1912.

In 1620, the historic Mayflower embarked on its legendary voyage from Southampton, carrying English Puritans, later known as the Pilgrim Fathers, to the shores of America.

In 1936, the skies over Southampton witnessed the maiden flight of the Spitfire, the iconic British fighter plane that would soon capture global admiration.

The renowned English novelist Jane Austen lived in Southampton after her father's death. You can visit her former family home on Upper Bugle Street.

Westquay is Southampton’s largest shopping centre, conveniently located in the city centre with over 130 shops spread across two floors.