Sheffield. The City & Northern General Hospital

Sheffield, or “Steel City,” was once the steel-making capital of the world. The city’s largest hospital is Northern General Hospital, which began life over 120 years ago and has one of the largest campuses in England, caring for 2 million patients each year.

About Northern General Hospital

NGH is Sheffield's hub for emergency care, with over 1,100 beds and 6,000 staff. It's the biggest hospital that makes up the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

NGH has its roots in the Fir Vale workhouse and infirmary, for which construction began in 1878. After various name changes over the decades, including City General Hospital, it merged with Fir Vale Infirmary in 1967 to form Northern General Hospital.

Specialist services you'll find here include:

  • Orthopaedics.
  • Nursing care.
  • Blood services.
  • Mental health services.
  • Diagnostics.
  • Renal, heart and lung services.
  • Regional cardiology centre.
  • Renal and endocrine diseases treatment.
  • Metabolic bone centre.
  • Spinal unit.
  • Respiratory and rehabilitation wards.

Paediatric accident and emergency services are provided at the dedicated Sheffield Children's Hospital, separate from the adult A&E department located at NGH.

In its most recent report, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) rates NGH as Outstanding for critical care and outpatient/diagnostic imaging.

Life for Nurses in Sheffield

For nurses looking to work in the UK, Sheffield offers an affordable cost of living coupled with ample green space and leisure activities.

Housing prices in Sheffield are significantly lower than in comparable Northern cities, with mortgages 75% less than in London. The recent economic uncertainty has increased buyer interest, but homes remain reasonably priced.

Despite its industrial past, Sheffield has reinvented itself as an outdoor city with ample woodlands and parks like the Peak District National Park.

Sheffield's many breweries and restaurants are perfect for unwinding, while Meadowhall and Crystal Peaks offer plenty of retail therapy.

Getting around Sheffield is easy, with convenient public transport links. Sheffield Station provides speedy access to other Northern cities, while the Supertram network connects key spots. Cycling is also popular, with safe, designated routes.

NGH is just off the M1 motorway, about 3 miles from the city centre if you drive. The campus covers 100 acres, with buildings and wings named after key figures in Sheffield's steel industry.

With its blend of urban amenities and proximity to nature, affordable costs, and lively arts and events calendar, Sheffield offers nurses an appealing lifestyle outside work. The city's central location makes weekend trips to other destinations easily accessible.

Sheffield is one of the many cities benefiting from international nurses

Fun Facts About Sheffield

Sheffield FC, founded in 1857, is the world's oldest independent football club.

The Crucible Theatre gets its name from the steel production innovation - the crucible - developed in Sheffield during the 19th century when it was known as the Steel City.

The Sheffield Legends walk outside the Town Hall includes actor Sean Bean, Olympic athlete Jessica Ennis, and astronaut Helen Sharman.

Arthur Conan Doyle worked as a doctor's assistant in Sheffield in 1878 and supposedly took inspiration from the area when writing his famous Sherlock Holmes story, The Hound of the Baskervilles.