Cambridge: Cambridge University and Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Cambridge is home to the world-famous Cambridge University and Addenbrooke's Hospital (AH), part of Cambridge University Hospitals which serves over 800,000 people annually, with The Rosie, a women's hospital, on the same site.

About Addenbrooke's Hospital

AH was founded in 1766 on Trumpington Street in Cambridge through a bequest from Dr John Addenbrooke. For nearly 200 years, the hospital operated at this original city centre location, relocating to its current site on Hills Road on the southern edge of Cambridge in 1962. This move allowed the hospital to modernise and expand significantly.

Over its 250+ year history, Addenbrooke's has been a teaching hospital affiliated with the esteemed University of Cambridge. It has trained countless physicians and medical professionals. As a regional centre of excellence, AH has spearheaded advanced research and treatment approaches.

Significant milestones include opening the first purpose-built MRI facility in 1983 and becoming one of the first regional trauma centres in the UK in 1990. AH performed Europe's first split liver transplant in 1988 and the world's first MRI-guided brain surgery in 2003, cementing it as a leading medical facility.

AH's specialisms include:

  • Maternity and midwifery services.
  • Termination of pregnancies.
  • Accommodation for persons who require treatment for substance misuse.
  • Treatment of disease, disorder, or injury.
  • Surgical procedures.
  • Diagnostic and screening procedures.
  • Assessment and treatment for persons detained under the Mental Health Act 1983.

The CQC's latest report for AH gives it an Overall Good rating, with an Outstanding rating for End-of-life care and Good ratings for other services.

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Life For Nurses in Cambridge


Cambridge offers an excellent quality of life and career opportunities outside of London. Housing is cheaper, along with general expenses like groceries and transportation. The compact city centre makes commuting by bike quick and easy, and extensive green space and nature provide a healthy work-life balance.

Professionally, nurses have access to cutting-edge facilities like Addenbrooke's Hospital, Papworth Hospital, and Rosie Hospital. Outside of work, nurses can enjoy thriving dining, arts, and culture during their time off.

Punting on the River Cam and exploring museums like the Fitzwilliam are popular local pastimes, and the family-friendly environment offers lots of playgrounds, farms, and nature areas for young and older children.

Driving is straightforward, with minimal congestion and abundant parking at hospitals. Cycling is popular thanks to flat terrain, extensive paths, and Cambridge's biking culture, where cycling to work is perfectly normal.

The train station has frequent direct services to London in just 54 minutes, expanding weekend trip possibilities. Stansted Airport is also only 31 miles away, making Cambridge the perfect base for international nurses.

Fun Facts About Cambridge

  • Cambridge has a long history with football - A group of students created the 'Cambridge Rules' in 1863, which informed the official rules made by the Football Association. There is even a sculpture in Parker's Piece showing the original rules.
  • Thanks to its picturesque backdrop, parts of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie were filmed in Cambridge.
  • Students once hoisted an entire Austin Seven car onto the roof of Senate House back in 1958.
  • The Mathematical Bridge in Queens' College appears to make an arch shape entirely out of straight timber pieces. There's a myth it was built without any nails or bolts, but that's just a local legend.